Fun Prop Ideas for Photoshoots

It’s always fun to think outside of the box when it comes to making your photos memorable and unique. The goal is to enhance your personality without the prop being distracting, and taking away from YOU! I am sure you have all seen a photo with a prop overload!


Bubbles can be a fun addition to a session with kiddos! You will get loads of smiles and it will break

Prop ideas for sessions with kids:


Ice Cream or Popsicles – best to leave these towards the end of the session to avoid a major mess! Or if these are too messy, lollipops are great

Set up a picnic

Their favorite teddy bear, doll, or toy

Favorite Book


Mini Tent

Wagon or Sled


Favorite Game

Prop ideas for families and couples:

Flowers – bouquet, crown, carry in a tote



Beach Cruiser – Bicycle

Vintage Car

Picnic or Campfire

Wine, Beer, Champagne or Cocktail

Your pets (yesss.. I just said it, use your pet as a “prop” ) dog lover and owner here!

Books or Newspaper (So cute for an at home lifestyle session)

Cook Book and utensils (again, perfect for a romantic at home couples session OR if you like to cook with your kiddos)

Board Game



Prop ideas for branding and content creation

Coffee Mug or Wine Glass


Laptop or Tablet

Office Supplies | Planner

Tools from your trade (industry specific) see example below

Your desk (home office)

Products you sell

Jessie using her flower shears
Roving Radish Flower Farm
Rockport, MA Dahlia Farm

Props are best used when they compliment you and highlight your personality. Another bonus is it give you something fun to focus on and breaks the ice. You will get some really great candid and unposed images using simple props. Be careful to not over do it with props!

What are your favorite props to use during a photoshoot? Drop me a comment below

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